Muhfaad Vs Krisna Diss Game

Muhfaad Vs Krisna Diss Game Updates. Krsna releases back to back diss to Emiway, Insane and Muhfaad. Krsna releases track ‘Untitled’ after that muhfaad releases his track ‘Bitch i am a god’. After that Krsna relases again diss track on 29 Jan called ‘Maharani’.

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Maharani Krisna Rap

Maharani Krisna Rap lyrics | Diss Track 2020 | KALAMKAAR Maharani Krisna Rap Lyrics. This is Kr$na Rap Diss track...

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Untitled Krisna Rap Lyrics

Untitled Krisna Rap Lyrics| Diss track 2020 | KALAMKAAR Ultitled Krisna Rap lyrics. This is Kr$na Rap Diss track Reply...

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Moksh Muhfaad Lyrics

Moksh Muhfaad Rap Lyrics | Muhfaad x MAHARAJ | Kartavya | Rap 2020 Moksh Muhfaad Rap Lyrics. This is Muhfaad...

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Muhfaad Tampo Rap Lyrics

Muhfaad Tampo Rap Lyrics | Official Video | Muhfaad | Hindi Rap Muhfaad Tampo rap lyrics. This is Muhfaad Rap...