Anxiety (Intro) Lyrics By Juice WRLD

Anxiety (Intro) Lyrics By Juice WRLD

Anxiety (Intro) Lyrics By Juice WRLD | Legend Never Die Album

Anxiety (Intro) Lyrics By Juice WRLD is the latest song from legend never die album sung by Juice WRLD. Produced by (Lil’ Bibby, Peter Jideonwo, George “G-Money” Dickinson)

At the end of the day I still thank God for everything that, you know, He’s put in front of me
But this materialistic money stuff don’t really mean nothin’, like, you know my relationship is good, I got money, but there’s still other issues to talk about other than heartbreak (Right)
You’ve got anxiety, you’ve got substance abuse, you’ve got, you know, and it’s a lot of issues in the world to talk about
I don’t know, music is just a beautiful thing, like I love myself so much, as far as the way I make music, the way God made me, the way God wired me to do the things that I do, and to change the world the way that I can
I think you’re an agent of change, I think you’re touchin’ in a way this generation that very few, if no one else, can
Before I get up out of here, I wanna tell you that you can do anything you put your mind to, period
As long as you work hard, give it your all and don’t listen to what anybody got to say, it’s your world, you can do what you want, on bro, period
Always remember that, I love every single last one of y’all, everybody get home safe, gang, gang

Song Credits:-

Singer :- Juice WRLD

Produced By :- (Lil’ Bibby, Peter Jideonwo, George “G-Money” Dickinson

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