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Terms of Use and Disclaimer
Terms of Use and Disclaimer

Welcome to SongLyric.in

Welcome to SongLyric.in, Your own most updated source for all newly released Indian music. Developed in 2020, we are among India’s largest lyrics providers offering a wide range of lyrics written by the native speakers of the language. We provide the lyrics to songs in Hindi, Punjabi, and English languages. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best of song-words from the languages mentioned above, with a focus on sharing their meaning in English, line by line translation in English, written by professionals.


SongLyric.in is a Lyrics Sharing Website, which Provides Lyrics of Hindi Romantic Songs, 90s Romantic Songs, Hindi Single Tracks, Hindi Album Songs, Lyrics Romantic Songs in Hindi & English both language and also Translation of Lyrics

SongLyric.in is the best place where we provide Latest Bollywood Songs Lyrics, Non-Film Hindi Song Lyrics and All Latest Punjabi Songs Lyrics with correct spelling and beautiful quotes images and we also provide the huge collections of Hindi and Urdu poetries of some famous poets like Rahat Indori, Ahmed Faraz and so on. You can find any collection of us from the menu bar and search bar. We always update the upcoming poetry Lyrics of young talented poets. We clearly divided every collection in different tags, as a result, u can find easily every collection which you like most.

SongLyric.in is free for all visitors. There is not a single offer from SongLyric.in asking for payments or resulting in hidden costs. At the same time, most advertisers do have offers that sell services and/or products. When accepting offers from our advertisers you are getting into a direct agreement with advertisers, not with SongLyric.in Ringtones is one of the paid-for services offered.

Why choose SongLyric.in, while there are thousands of websites available?
We are a team of music enthusiasts from different regions of India, working together to provide you with the correct lyrics for your favorite songs. The song-verses (lyrics) shared on SongLyric.in are only published by an editor from the team who is a native speaker of the language.
What should you expect from SongLyric.in?
You can expect consistently (daily) added lyrics for newly released songs from almost all languages spoken in India. SongLyric.in is the only website that covers so many styles of music and also provides translations with the lyrics.

What to not expect from SongLyric.in?

Many of the music listeners may not be aware that they may be using illegal music. Illegally distributing and using music is a significant problem that hurts its makers, investors. Do not expect links to pirated audio files, albums on this website. We encourage you to buy and listen to original music or at least listen to free music on YouTube, which also helps the makers to earn revenue.
We hope you enjoy reading lyrics at SongLyric.in as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Team SongLyric.in.